Transracial Adoption

Transracial Adoption: A Basic Guide is a helpful book about the joys and struggles on transracial adoption. Transracial Adoption is defined as an adoption involving a child of a different race than that of the parents. Author Karen Jean Matsko Hood is the mother of sixteen children. She has the experience of adopting from the U.S. and from international countries. Her family includes 5 biological children and 12 adopted children from the U.S. foster system as well as other countries of different races in a rainbow of colors. Her experience with her own transracial family provides a wealth of information to others considering transracial adoption. She uses research along with her own family experiences. There are books in the Hood Adoption Guide Book Series that provide helpful information.

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  1. I am very interested in your works of poetry and also your vocation of taking in unwanted children. I have a story of my own in that respect…. nine foster homes and three orphanages by the age of fourteen. My purpose, originally was to contact you so that we can turn your poetry into spoken word. I did a rough audition for you on acx and yesterday, I recorded that same audition at a professional studio. Audio books are a big deal and your poetry speaks to my heart. I would love to talk with you. Call me at 540-412-6599. I think you could use the revenue; I know I could.

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