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Spokane Valley, Washington author Karen Jean Matsko Hood, hobbies include reading and writing on a daily basis, cooking, baking, collecting various collectibles and antiques, photography, indoor and outdoor gardening, and the cultivation of unusual flowering plants and orchids. She also enjoys spending time with her large family of 18. Please see our website www.HoodFamilyBlog.com.

She enjoys raising several specialty breeds of animals including Icelandic horses, Arabian horses, Shetland ponies, bichon frises, cockapoos, Icelandic sheepdogs, Newfoundland, and Rottweiler dogs, a few rescue cats, and honeybees. She also loves to work on her family farm, Mountain Valley View Farm, Inc. This Spokane author also loves chickens, Nubian goats, fainting goats, and Baby Doll sheep. Hood also enjoys bird-watching with a special interest in hummingbirds, and finds all aspects of nature precious. She demonstrates a passionate appreciation of the environment and a respect for all life.

The author asks that you support your local bookstores. Ask your favorite bookstores to carry books authored by Karen Jean Matsko Hood. Inform them that our wholesale department is available to field any order they would choose to submit. If you cannot locate books authored by Karen Jean Matsko Hood at your local bookstores or through national stores, you may order them from our website at www.KarensBookstore.com and blog with Karen at www.KarensBlog.net.

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If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to call her Spokane Valley, Washington office at (509) 928-2488 or fax her at (509) 922-9949.

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